Distance Vision Chart

Distance Vision Chart Manufacturers In India

CAT No. DP-4404, DP-4406
Distance Vision Chart Manufacturers In India:-The Snellen eye chart was originally introduced in 1862 by Herman Snellen. The Snellen eye test uses the idea of a subtended 5 minutes of arc with a 20 foot distance. This became the “standard vision” measurement. Also, Snellen developed the idea of a 5×5 grid for a standard for his optotypes. Each optotype must meet certain percentage requirements in this grid before it is used for testing. This helps to make a uniform and equal vision chart. The Snellen eye test is the basis for many other vision tests.

Owing to our extensive years of industry experience, Kashmir Surgical Works is a profound Distance Vision Chart Manufacturers. We provide vision testing charts at industry-leading prices. That’s why we have become a leading Vision Testing Chart Supplier in India.

Non-reflecting, matte finish eye charts, Designed for vision testing at 20 foot distance, Eye chart measures 22 x 11 in.

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