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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF KASHMIR SURGICAL WORKS, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001: 2008 Certified & ISO 13485:2003 and CE Certified Organization. We are the fastest growing Indian company manufacturing and exporting hospital / Medical Ophthalmic Equipment & Instruments. We provide a diverse range of products that can be conveniently be used in different conditions.

Kashmir Surgical Works was established in 1969 to manufacture a precise quality extensive range of medical ophthalmic equipment. Since our inception, we have been able to secure a position among the top medical ophthalmic equipment manufacturers in India.
We are focused on continuously incorporating the innovation in medical ophthalmic equipment to enhance the quality of life of millions worldwide. Due to the advanced state-of-art technology and high-quality control, we are developing ophthalmic equipment as per the standards of the International Medical Authorities. The years of experience, expertise, and dedication have made us a trusted and reliable medical ophthalmic equipment supplier in the market. We are the first choice among our clients and a leading medical ophthalmic equipment exporter fulfilling the needs globally. Over the decades, Kashmir Surgical Works is providing the best and most economical ophthalmic solutions to our valued customers.

Our Goal

Holding “CE” and FDA Mark, Our goal is to make world-class medical facilities available both for new and existing medical institutions or hospitals. Our quality products are supplied all over the world with our outstanding rated.

Our Business Activities

We strive to be the preferred technological solution. Our business activities will be distinguished by quality, innovation, responsiveness, competitive awareness, the highest standards of ethics, and exceptional customer service.

Our Company's Philosophy

Our Company's Philosophy We make no compromises since we work in a business that is responsible for people's health and well-being. Our company philosophy has always been built on providing exceptional service, high quality, and value.

Our categories

Our advanced categories assist medical experts to be more efficient and effective in treating their patients at Hospitals, Operation Theaters, Intensive Care Units, and Homes as well.

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"Thank you so much for your support. It's so nice to do business with someone who really cares about their work like you do!"
Rajendra Singh
Materials Manager
"I have worked with Kashmir Surgicals for over 12 years. My expectations have always been met or often exceeded. The instruments I have purchased are of excellent quality...
Shweta Singh

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